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Stairs from highest quality wood only

We have been manufacturing staircases for more than eight years. And we understand that Your house is not only walls and floor. It is Your dream where every detail is considered.

JVC “Laiptida” manufactures various staircases from classical to modern – straight, spiral, bended; with wooden, metal, ferroconcrete constructions. Our craftsmen will help you choose the most fitted and appealing staircase. We are using only the highest quality wood to make a staircase. We can only overlay it with varnish to keep a natural wood tone or you can choose any color you want. We make our projects very carefully, seek for the best solutions, try and make staircases safe, comfortable and easy to look after.

JVC “Laiptida” gives a 5-year-guarantee for its products.

Installation lasts only 1-3 days

One of the reasons why clients choose us and are satisfied with our job quality is that our craftsmen bring already made staircase, shortening installation works that way. That is why You do not have to suffer from the noise and the dust for several weeks.

The installation of our staircase lasts only 1-3 days, after this period you will have a brand new staircase fulfilling all Your wishes and requirements. When there is a difficult construction, the installation works might take a week but just think about the time which would be spent if amateurs were working.

We produce only comfortable and safe stairs

Uncomfortable staircase causes discomfort and makes residents of the house spend more time in the first floor. That is why it is extremely important to make the project of the staircase properly.

In JVC “Laiptida” a draughtsman projects staircases with a special computer program which allows counting all parameters very precisely. Due to this program the work is done not only fast but also qualitative(?), the optimal stair height and width proportion is chosen,  even a persons height, weight, foot size and habits are considered so that all residents of the house would feel comfortable when using the staircase. The staircase is made just in 3-4 weeks from proposing an order.

If you consider about stairs...

If you are still building a house, it is better to order a staircase when you already have walls, windows, when the floor level is planned, but you still do not have an interior decoration done, that way you will have the full freedom for you wishes. It is very important that the staircase would be made by the professionals who have enough experience and all the equipment needed, it is the only way to have the staircase perfectly suited for you and your family. It is extremely relevant if your house is small, with the help from professionals you will avoid mistakes (you will not be forced to redo the entire staircase which would damage already made walls) and choose any staircase which is not only good looking but also very comfortable and safe.

If you want to reconstruct your home and install a staircase, call specialists first, together we will decide which staircase variant is mostly suited for your reconstructed house.